Christina Hendricks and Jenny McCarthy Vie for Anna Nicole Smith Role


Christina Hendricks, left and Jenny McCarthy.

When the news of Anna Nicole Smith’s death back in 2007, the world knew¬† a biopic would come soon after. And just five years later, U.S. cable giant Lifetime announced that it is indeed in the works. The biopic will center around the centerfold model and reality star’s rise to fame and fall into addiction and alcoholism.

A network source said that two actresses are currently battling it out for the role. They are Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Jim Carey’s ex-lover, Jenny McCarthy. The source said:

“They are neck and neck. The producers love them both and it could come down to a final audition to determine who will get one of the most sought-after parts in Hollywood right now. Both women really wowed the producers, who were especially bowled over by how strikingly similar Christina with a blonde wig looked to Anna Nicole.”

Meanwhile, the role of Anna Nicole’s famous “sugar daddy”, Texan billionaire J. Howard Marshall is going to be given to James Cromwell (aged 72). The real J. Howard Marshall died aged 90, just a mere 14 months after marrying Anna Nicole who was 26 at that time.

Anna Nicole Smith starred in a reality series in order to finance herself after Marshall’s death while at the same time fighting a hard legal battle with his family over the fortune he left. The biopic will also portray her son, Daniel who died at age 20 from a heart attack caused by drug use, six months before Anna Nicole died from an overdose.

Between Christina Hendricks and Jenny McCarthy, which one would YOU pick to portray Anna Nicole Smith?


Source: cathclick, left and DFRee/BigStockPhoto.com

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