Sony Announces New PlayStation 3

Source: Sony PlayStation 3 | Official US Website

Sony announced their new and slimmer PlayStation 3 during their Tokyo Game Show press conference. Compared to the current PS3 slim, the new model is 25 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter.

New PlayStation 3 Rumors

Prior to this, rumors of a remodeled PS3 surfaced earlier this year when the revision was listed on the Brazilian version of the FCC. Speculations of the new Sony console popped on Anatel, the website of the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications.

The leaked images showed a definitely smaller console with ridges along its top curve. It also shows a panel where the Blu-ray drive is located, suggesting that the new PS3 will have a top-loading drive.

It was also indicated in the filing that the Super Slim PlayStation 3 will come in three models: 160 GB, 250 GB and 500 GB. However, the Anatel listing shows up a letter on Sony, saying that product information should not be revealed until the items are actually launched. The leaked images of the rumored new Sony PS3 came from a Portuguese website Technoblog.

This speculation, together with the leaked images, was followed by a Polish retailer—Polygamia—who slipped the news with a promotional listing before the 2012 TGS event. The promotional teaser was spotted last Monday, indicating that Sony will release a new game console by the end of the month.

Polygamia got the image from a promotional newsletter, Media Expert, a Polish electronics store chain. The website also stated that a 12 GB SSD version will be available for 199 Euros, while a 500 GB model will cost 299 Euros.

As posted on the US PlayStation website, the new console will sport built-in Wi-Fi, two USB ports, Cell Broadband Engine advanced microprocessor, HDMI output for 1080p resolution, and PlayStation Network membership.

Price and Availability

The new Sony PlayStation 3 will come in Charcoal Black and Classic White, which will be available in Japan on October 4 and November 22 respectively. For 24,900 Yen, Japanese gamers can have the 250 GB model, while the higher 500 GB unit costs 29,800 Yen.

In North America, the 250 GB model will be available on September 25 with a price tag of $269. Its 500 GB cousin will hit the stores on October 30 for $299.

A 12 GB of flash memory will be available in PAL territories on October 12 for 299 Euros. Also available for the same price is the 500 GB new PS3, which will land on shelves on September 28th.

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