Mocked Up iPad Mini Shows Front Plate Design

Apple new iPad

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A new mockup of the so-called “iPad Mini” was posted on a Chinese website last Tuesday. However, the image shows a non-working unit, which appears to have fabricated front glass that is attached to the device’s backplate.

Although the legitimacy of the iPad Mini mockup cannot be confirmed, the unit is one of the first physical representations of how Apple’s much-awaited 7-inch tablet might look like.

Meet the Mocked Up iPad Mini

The images of the rumored iPad Mini came from a Chinese website BoLoPad. The tablet appears to be based on the leaked backplate that was previously reported. However, the device shows what looks to be markings for storage capacity, model specifications and governmental specifications.

A small hole or opening can be found at the center near the top of the backplate. However, its purpose remains unknown. On the unit’s backside, there are volume rocker and power buttons, rear-facing camera, and hold switch. However, these components are most likely non-functional and may not be official parts from Apple.

The mocked up iPad Mini also shows a front assembly made of glass. It also features a bezel that is similar with the purported tablet released by iMore last August. However, no light is emanating from the screen, an indication that there is a paper placeholder. Also on the center, at the top of the bezel, is a hole for the front-facing camera.

Expected iPad Mini Release Date

Apple’s iPad Mini is expected to be released before the year ends, with the announcement set to take place on October. According to John Paczkowski of All Things D:

Only after the next-generation iPhone is out the door and on sale will Apple announce the smaller iPad it’s been working on. That device, which is expected to have a display less than eight inches, will be uncrated at a second special event, which sources said is currently scheduled for October.

According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, an event for the iPad Mini is set to take place on the first or second week of October. It will go in line with the iPod events that Apple has held for decades. He even theorized that the company won’t unveil it marquee device alongside a second product, which could dilute the attention it will demand:

I don’t think Apple would want reviews of both new iPhone and new-size iPad appearing at the same time. Why share the spotlight? Why have another Apple product battling with the iPhone for the top spots in news coverage? … The iPhone is too big, too cool, and garners too much attention—and it’s in Apple’s interest to keep the attention undiluted.

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