Samsung-Apple Fight Moves to TV: Galaxy S III TV Ad Targets iPhone 5 Customers

Samsung Galaxy S III TV ad

Source: Samsung Galaxy S III TV ad | YouTube

Once again, Samsung takes a jab at Apple fanatics with its latest Galaxy S III TV ad. Their new advertisement satirized the iPhone 5 customers who are waiting in line outside Apple retail stores.

“The Next Big Thing is Already Here”


The same with its previous commercials, Samsung’s latest spot once again took aim at Apple users and iDevices. Its newest TV ad promotes the Galaxy S III, carrying the tagline “The next big thing is already here.”

A queue of customers is shown in the advertisement, while they are waiting in line for what is obviously the iPhone 5. Although the name is not mentioned, people are shown calling it a “precious jewel.” They are also showing excitement that the headphone jack will be at the bottom of the device.

The Lightning connector also had a particular attention. In the ad, iPhone 5 line-waiters said that the component is “all digital,” although they admit that they do not know what that means. Buyers of iPhone 5 also talked about how an adapter is needed to connect legacy accessories with the device’s new port. In addition, one person said that Apple makes “the coolest adapters.”

Customers, who are waiting in line, saw the Samsung Galaxy S III as its users show off its features. In the TV ad, two users exchanged music playlist through Near Field Communication by touching their handsets together. The commercial also noted the smartphone’s larger 4-inch display and 4G LTE connectivity.

Galaxy S III’s Print Ad

Prior to this, Samsung revealed a new print ad last Friday, pitting its latest Galaxy S III against Apple’s iPhone 5. The ad lists the two handset’s features side-by-side in what appears to be a very subjective comparison.


The print ad is titled “It doesn’t take a genius,” which obviously refers to Apple’s TV spots and customer support representative called “Geniuses.” Its main thrust is to show the huge difference between Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 in terms of features. The South Korean tech giant doubles the features that can be found on Apple’s latest handset with its long list of trademarked smartphone functions.

It’s obvious that Samsung’s latest Galaxy S III TV commercial, which arrived a week after Apple unveiled its iPhone 5, is designed to take away some of the buzz that the Cupertino-based company had for its next flagship smartphone. Earlier this week, Apple announced that it sold a record number of over 2 million pre-orders within the first 24 hours since its availability.

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