Apple to Seek $3 Billion from Samsung for Patent Infringement

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According to a new report, Apple is seeking $3 Billion from Samsung for patent infringement. This is despite the previous decision that the South Korean tech giant must pay the Cupertino-based company more than $1 billion only.

$3 Billion on Apple vs. Samsung Patent Infringement

Yesterday, The Korea Times reported that Apple’s legal representatives plan to ask Judge Lucy Koh for $3 billion in damages from Samsung’s patent infringement. It was determined last month that the Korean smartphone manufacturer had infringed on the iPhone maker’s patents. As a result, the judge recommended Samsung pay Apple $1.05 billion for damages.

According a “reliable source,” Apple will request from Koh that Samsung should pay over $3 billion. In relation to this, a hearing between companies is set to take place on Friday, September 21.

“Willful Infringement”

It should be recalled that nine U.S. jurors granted Apple the victory in its patent war against Samsung last month. This prompted the Korean company to pay more than $1 billion in damages for “willfully” infringing the iPhone and iPad.

Because of this “willful infringement,” the iPhone may seek triple the amount in damages. According to the online publication’s source:

By using that condition, Apple has decided to request the judge to order Samsung to pay more than $3 billion in the hearing on the San Jose verdict on Sept. 21 in California.

The decision means Apple wants to quickly address the harm between that Samsung’s infringing products are said to be causing. As has been the case throughout this trial, Apple is pressing its full advantage over the juror’s decision.

On the other hand, Apple Korea spokesman Steve Park declined to comment about the issue. Representatives from Samsung decided not to talk either about their legal strategies, citing the sensitivity of the matter.

Apple’s legal plan came after Koh issued an order last Monday, denying Samsung’s motion to halt the June 26 preliminary injunction. The said injunction has something to do with banning the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1.

In case Apple’s plan will push through, the $3 billion that it is asking from Samsung would be the largest payment ever sought when it comes to technology-patent dispute. On the other hand, Samsung’s legal representative, John Quinn, said that the company is hoping that the judge will toss out the jury’s decision. In case the result won’t be favorable for them, the lawyer vowed to appeal in court.

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