Video Throwback: Salma Hayek on How She Got Her Breasts

Salma Hayek

This video was uploaded in 2006 and has got about 8 million views on YouTube. Why would we feature such old material?  Well, we guess it will be good to know that actress Salma Hayek wasn’t always as voluptuous as she is today. She told David Letterman in this video:

“I was popular and everything was fine with me growing up until we got to the fifth grade, because all my girl friends started developing breasts and I was flat as a board.”

Yes, we don’t believe it either, but wait a minute, it gets better as she revealed the whole story on how she got her beautiful breasts.

“I felt so out of place and I was so miserable for a short period of time. And one time, I took a little road trip with my mom and we went into this church that was supposed to do a lot of miracles. And we went in and we pray. And then we went out and I said ‘I have to go back in, I forgot something’. So I went back in and put my hands in holy water and I said ‘Please God, give me some breasts’ and He gave me them!”

So, having seen Hayek’s assets as pictured above, don’t you think it’s better for people to just go to church, get some holy water, and pray, instead of doing breast augmentation surgeries?

See how she did it:

Image: Starmaxx – ImageCollect

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