Eye Candy: Helena Christensen For Triumph Lingerie

Helena Christensen

Supermodel Helena Christensen jumped on the celebrity designer wagon, and instead of just staying behind the scenes, we’re glad she decided to model her creations herself! The 43 year-old models her own Helena Christensen for Triumph collection, in a 1940s femme-fatalle style, highlighting the lingerie’s classic designs. Christensen is excited to collaborate with Triumph:

“I am delighted to create my own lingerie line together with Triumph. After three seasons with Triumph Essence, it was a real pleasure to design and create such great pieces of my own. I have put a lot of personal experience into the collection, selected all the fabrics and decided on all colors—which range from juicy orange to citrus yellow, aqua, and a powdery retro mauve-pink.”

Christensen has been modelling and has even designed some pieces for Triumph previously, and this is the first full collection she has created for the brand. She said:

“I think this first collection is a reflection on what I have experienced and loved from my career and personal life.”

Experience her allure yourself, check out what she’s talking about below:

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