Sony Will Support PlayStation 3 Until 2015

Source: Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim | US PlayStation Blog

In an interview with Eddie Makuch of GameSpot, PlayStation Vice President of Hardware Marketing John Koller said that Sony will continue to support PlayStation 3 until 2013. It can be extended as long as the development scene is running. He also added that their new PS3 Super Slim’s introductory price of $270 is a result of consumers’ call for value.

PS3 Super Slim’s $70 Consumer Value

It was previously reported that Sony’s latest game console is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than its predecessor. It features a different fan, which allowed the company to shrink down the overall size of the console’s shell.

When it comes to power consumption, Koller revealed that the PS3 Super Slim consumes up to 190 watts. He believes that the console can take up less power than the existing models.

However, it cannot be denied that the PS3’s life cycle can be at its tail end. This raises question among gamers on why Sony’s newest console costs more than its predecessor. The PlayStation VO explained that it is because of customers’ call for value.

The consumers have said ‘give us value’. And so it’s a $70 consumer value when you get Uncharted 3 Game of the Year… and Dust 514 with $30 extra DLC coming in. Out of the box you get an immediate gaming experience. So,we were answering the consumer call there. We feel very good about the position … and we feel the full-time bundle opportunity is the right path to take.

Uncharted 3 and Dust 514 on PS3 Super Slim

As mentioned earlier, the added value comes in the form of Uncharted 3 Game of the Year bundle. However, is there enough market that hasn’t already purchased this game? Koller believes so.

We’re selling Uncharted 3 now with hardware. Most likely, that consumer is not a PS3 owner yet. We have seen a very high interest rate from Xbox 360 consumers wanting to purchase a second console. We’ve held up Uncharted 3 as our flagship product over the last year, and it’s a good opportunity for those types of consumers wanting a purchase a second console.

As for the inclusion of Dust 514 in the bundle, Koller said that they want to provide some diversity in the bundle by adding a free-to-play title. He also clarified that this is not a test for gamers’ interest, although it will be good to see some adaption rate taking place.

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