The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Battle of the Bums: Who Wins?

What do we love about award shows?  The ladies, of course. Year after year, the necklines get lower, the dress slits get higher, and the wardrobe gets sexier. This year’s 64th Primetime Emmy Awards event is no exception, as we get to see some fine women … not just from the front but also from behind.

For some of you, this might be the post you’ve been searching for. We have four nominees on one category that’s not listed on the Emmys: Best Derriere. So prepare yourselves, Gents. Here we go.

Amanda Peet and her nude-colored Calvin Klein gown showed quite a lot of skin. We think her back is presented in a demure almost virginal way. Are you with us or are you more into Mayra Veronica’s not-so-subtle exhibition de la derriere? Because we also think it’s HOT.

Hayden Panettiere’s back might be covered, but the air of mystery is super sexy.  Who knows what can be discovered under the layers, and from the looks of the silhouette, things can be promising. Do we hear a ‘yes’, Gentlemen?

Last but never ever least, we just have to ask although we know you’ll nod in unison. Do you think Sofia Vergara’s back side is awesome?

Although everything went smooth on the red carpet, Ms. Vergara had a wardrobe malfunction backstage where the back zipper failed to keep her dress together, showing a considerable amount of … behind, but this got fixed really quickly before she went back out with her Modern Family co-stars.

So, out of the four sexy ladies, who would you say could win the “Best Derriere” category?  Vote now!

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