Maps for iOS 6: What Went Wrong?

Maps for iOS 6

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Apple’s Maps for iOS 6 definitely has some flaws, but its real problems have been overshadowed by a small number of reports. These complaints call the company’s attention to relatively insignificant minor glitches. Moreover, it also prompted Motorola Mobility to launch its new print ad.

What’s Missing on Maps for iOS 6?

Because it doesn’t really have an intrinsic design, and it’s similar with the functionality and layout of the original app, the errors in Apple’s new Maps application can be identified easily. The iOS 6 app has two missing features: Google Street View and Transit Directions.

Google Street View

As an alternative for Street Views, users can take advantage of the app’s Flyover feature. However, it is currently limited to select and larger urban areas in the United States. This means that iPhone owners who live outside of the limited area can choose to download Google Earth to have a similar birds-eye view of their destination. The company could also address this issue by releasing a secondary app that will pull up a location’s Street View.

There were claims that Google is now charging its Maps users, which means that they would have to make an agreement with Apple. However, putting into consideration the current circumstances, the deal could come with unpleasant terms. This means that the Cupertino-based company is not the only party that took action in removing the Street View from iOS Maps.

Transit Directions

When it comes to the application’s Transit directions, there are three solutions available. First, users can use the mobile version of Google Maps. Aside from the transit direction, it will also provide driving and walking directions, as well as biking routes.

Its live traffic information is also available through the Web app by simply enabling the feature as an optional layer. However, Google Maps’ Web app version can be difficult to use. Thus, users can choose an existing third-party app or wait for Apple to release applications that can be integrated with iOS 6.

The third-party applications for iOS 6 can be integrated using a new routing APIs. Simply put, the app can add new features to Maps by advising the mobile operating system of its capabilities and geographies that it can cover.

The Maps for iOS 6, although with some flaws, could have worked well if Apple only took more initiative to make sure that a handful of helper apps are available at launch. Good thing, a lot of mobile apps are now offering directions.

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