Hidden Badass Challenges for Borderlands 2 Revealed

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For the past few days, a number of players were able to complete the first level of Badass Challenges in Borderlands 2. However, it appears that these challenges were not able to unlock the Challenge Accepted trophy or achievement.

Because of this, rumors started to emerge saying that there was a glitch on the game, but it turns out that gamers need to unlock hidden challenges in order to get the achievement. Thus, Rated-G, a member of PS3 Trophies forum, shared an email that lists every hidden challenge and how players could get it.

Several challenges required for the Challenge Accepted achievement which start out hidden are:

  • Vehicles challenges: It will be unlocked after visiting maps or progressing through missions. It requires players to visit Three Horns and gain access to the Bandit Technical during Episode 6: Dam Fine Rescue.
  • Creature challenges: It requires killing specific types of enemies, which will only appear after extinguishing a bevy of each type of enemy in the game.
  • Completing ranks of the “No Scope, No Problem” challenge to unlock the “Surprise!” challenge.
  • Completing ranks of the “Open Wide!” challenge to unlock the “Shotgun Sniper” challenge.
  • Completing ranks of the “Splish Splash” challenge to unlock the “Catch a Rocket” challenge.

A complete list of Hidden Badass Challenges is also available on Borderlands 2’s Challenge Accepted Trophy video.

In relation to this, a major bug was also discovered that affects significant number of players. The bug is said to reset a gamer’s Badass rank and skins that were obtained. In response to this, Gearbox Community Manager ChrisF, issued a statement on their official forum:

Thanks for all the reports and specific details, folks. Our engineers are looking into this, and the information you’ve provided has proven to be a great resource while we investigate. At the moment, it seems to be a fairly rare issue and we’ll keep you updated on when we resolve it.

Borderlands 2 Level Cap, Reached in 43 Hours

In another Borderlands 2 news, game developer Gearbox made sure that its latest game is packed with as much content as possible. It is designed to deliver great value for its initial product and to allow players dedicate a healthy amount of gameplay hours.

However, it was reported yesterday that a player named Matt Siegfried was able to reach the game’s level cap within 43 hours and 15 minutes. As soon as Siegfried picked up his game at the midnight launch, he started to get on the game and achieve his goal. After more than 43 hours, he became the first player to hit Borderlands 2’s level cap. His complete journey throughout the game was documented on TwitchTV.

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