High and Low Style for Supermodels and Their Cars

We, men, love cars. We also love women. So, when you combine cars AND women, you have our full attention. Which is why it’s a no-brainier when there are women in bikinis showing up at car shows, appearing in car ads, and being showcased in calendars with vehicles that we can only dream of.

Surprisingly, supermodels don’t always always have the hottest and most expensive automobiles on the market. In fact, many of them may have cars that some of us may, or at least could, own. Of course there are exceptions, but regardless of the ride, the following twelve supermodels make the cars they drive more appealing. If they only came with the car, then we’d definitely be sold.

Claudia Schiffer

There’s no denying that Claudia Schiffer is still a babe. She’s just one of those timeless beauties. Such a beauty that she was the inspiration for Savile Row tailor Carlo Brandelli when he customized Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. However, to her credit, Schiffer keeps things modest by driving a Range Rover and a Prius.

Image Source: izismile.com

Naomi Campbell

Here’s another classic supermodel who has an interest in cars, when she’s not attacking her drivers. In 2010, Campbell teamed up with Lotus to create eight special edition “Naomi for Haiti” Evoras to raise funds for the devastating earthquake that crippled Haiti.

Image Source: gglotus.org

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has always been on the wide side, so it’s no surprise that she drives a MG Midget MK III, which is known for its unreliability and safety hazards. She also has a Range Rover, which was in a crash back in 2001.

Image Source: driverside.com

Elle Macpherson

The Australian hottie has been on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue five times. But, she also should be known for her choice of cars, which include a vintage Aston Martin DB5 convertible, a Jaguar XJ, and a Fiat 500 convertible.

Image Source: Absolutely.net

Heidi Klum

The Project Runway host has a thing for Volkswagen, like the Tiguan. She also has the supermodel favorite Range Rover, Bentley Continental GT convertible, and an Audi Q7, which was recently towed from the gated community she lives.

Image Source: celebritycarsblog.com

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has been spotted driving around in a Prius and an Audi A8. And, because she’s a model, a Range Rover as well.

Image Source: celebritycarsblog.com

Gisele Bündchen

Mrs. Tom Brady sports an Audi A8, as well as a BMW X5. She’s also been known to drive her hubby’s Rane Rover.

Image Source: quatroholice.com

Amber Heard

The fact that the former model now actress drives a 1968 Ford Mustang makes her one of our favorite celebs on Earth.

Image Source: celebutanteblog.blogspot.com

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

The British model turned actress sports a Audi S5 convertible and a Mini All 4 Racer. However, Audi gets bonus points since her boyfriend, Jason Statham, owns an Audi A8.

Image Source: celebutanteblog.blogspot.com

Alessandra Ambrosio

Another Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model who drives a Range Rover. Big surprise?

Image Source: gossipchart.com

Bar Refaeli

Despite claiming the top spot on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list of 2012, the Israeli hottie keeps things simple with a Fiat 500. She’s also done promo work for Subaru.

Image Source: Facebook

Adriana Lima

Seriously, what’s the deal with Brazilian hotties and Range Rovers? However, she makes up for this after buying her basketball player husband Marko Jaric a Porsche Panamera. Plus, she’s so sizzling that it made us consider buying a crappy Kia Optima after seeing their Super Bowl ad.

Image Source: moejackson.com

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