The World’s Most Expensive Dress Unveiled

So, your girlfriend has been hinting that she really likes that Versace dress, you looked at the price tag and had a mini heart-attack? Thank your luck you’re not in England because she might just point at a Debbie Wingham dress and make you have a real heart attack.

British designer Debbie Wingham debuted the world’s most expensive dress earlier this month in Kiev, Ukraine. The dress features 25 two-carat black diamonds on the peplum and shoulder shrug, as well as an iced-out bustier with five carats worth of black diamonds on the centerpiece.

So how much is this dress, really? It costs a whopping $5,682,950.

The dress took six months to make, so if you’re keen, you have to order way before time, and tell your girlfriend that to wear this dress, she’ll have to be able to manage 29 pounds of 50 two-carat, black diamond-clad dress.

Now that Versace dress doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

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