Japanese Video of iPad Mini Mockup Hits YouTube



A blurry video of a rumored Apple iPad Mini surfaced last week on YouTube. The flick shows a slight difference from the previous mockups, which possible points out to the device’s Wi-Fi-only version.

Yet Another iPad Mini Mockup Video

The video came from a Japanese industry website Macotakara. It shows a black strip at the top of the tablet’s back plate, indicating that the rumored production version of the device will have cellular capabilities.

In addition, the dummy model showcased on the video features the same thin plastic front screen. This means that the purported device came from the same source that provided the tablet replica in previous videos. The difference between the two devices presented on separate videos is the black plastic insert on the rear shell. This serves as a window for cellular radio signals.

Previous iPad Mini Mockup Designs

Prior to this, the purported iPad Mini has gained popularity after it was featured on a video two weeks ago. The clip comes with an image, which has a striking resemblance with the latest iPad Mini mockup. It appears that the videos and images came from the same source. However, that cannot be confirmed at the moment.

Two weeks ago, Chinese website BoLoPad posted images of the rumored iPad Mini. The photo shows a non-working unit, which appears to have fabricated front glass that is attached to the device’s backplate.

Although the legitimacy of the mocked up unit cannot be confirmed, it is one of the first physical representations of how Apple’s much-awaited 7-inch tablet might look like. The device shows markings for storage capacity, model specifications, and governmental specifications. On the backside, there is a volume rocker, power buttons, rear-facing camera, and hold switch.

Apple iPad Mini—Coming Soon?

It is expected that Apple will present the so-called iPad Mini during a special event this October. According to John Paczkowksi of All Things D:

Only after the next-generation iPhone is out the door and on sale will Apple announce the smaller iPad it’s been working on. That device, which is expected to have a display less than eight inches, will be uncrated at a second special event, which sources said is currently scheduled for October.

However, whether the purported device will ever see the light of day remains to be seen. Nevertheless, an introduction of the iPad Mini is an indication that the battle in the tablet market is heating up.

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