Rainbow Moon by EastAsiaSoft Headed to Sony PlayStation Vita

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Although Sony’s PlayStation Vita is considered as a great handheld gaming console, many still wonder where the interesting games are. Good thing, a lot of online sources shared a bunch of new game announcements that will land on the device.

Rainbow Moon by EastAsiaSoft

As posted on gaming website IGN, strategy-RPG Rainbow Moon will become available for the PS Vita. Prior to this, the game found its success on PlayStation 3. According to Hong Kong-based developer and publisher EastAsiaSoft, the game will be a direct port. However, it will be looking for additional functionality like the cross-saving support. The game is expected to become available some time next year.

Earth Defense Force 2017 by D3 Publisher

Last week, D3 Publisher posted a tweet regarding the PS Vita version of its most-loved cult action Earth Defense Force 2017.  The game, which is also known as Earth Defense Force 3: Portable, is said to become available in the United States this winter.

Ragnarok Odyssey, Dokuro, and Picotto Knights by GungHo America

If you’re a fan of GungHo Entertainment, you’re in for some good news. GungHo, the parent company of GameArts, Acquire, and Gravity, reported that it has built an American division.

In relation to this, GungHo America’s first task is to publish three PS Vita game translations. Gamers in the United States and Europe will have the action-RPG Ragnarok Odyssey, while Dokuro and Picotto Knights will be available in the US.

A Ten-year Life Span for PS Vita

In addition to upcoming gaming releases for the PS Vita, Sony is also optimistic for the console’s longevity. According to John Koller, Sony Computer Entertainment’s vice president of Hardware Marketing , Vita will have as much staying power as their other consoles. In his interview with IGN, he said:

We’re in year one, so we’ll be supporting it for some time. But yeah, it does have its own ten-year life cycle. All of our platforms do … It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We expect long-term success from all our platforms.

However, the console’s longevity will also depend on its sales. Sony has to convince players that Vita can provide better gaming experience than iPhone.

It appears that Sony is trying its best to keep the PS Vita alive. Without good games and mobile capabilities, the game console will definitely be dead in the water. In addition, if the company will force an inferior product to its customers, people will just go and look for an alternative.

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