Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Amazon Rolls Out Post-launch Discount

Source: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 | Official Website

Online retailer Amazon is giving away Namco Bandai’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with a 17 percent discount from its original price. This means that PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners can now buy the game for less than $50 with free shipping!

Key Features

As posted on Amazon’s product page, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features Multiplayer match and Pair Play. The Multiplayer Match allows a player to challenge his friends in a two-on-two, one-on-one, or one-on-two tag-team battle. Pair Play, on the other hand, enables four gamers to control a character in an ultimate team battle.

The game also boasts over 50 characters to choose from, new stages that let players fight in their favorite countries, and new moves that expands a character’s fight arsenal with tag-throws and tag-combos.

There’s also the Fight Lab, an all new mode to customize a character’s appearance and fight moves. Additionally, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features Environmental FX, wherein a character’s clothing condition is altered in real-time with water and dirt effects.

Gamers can also get together because of the game’s new online features, as well as re-live the classic arcade mode with the offline battle modes. The offline feature also allows players to train in a first-class practice mode, customize a team, or character’s appearance and many more.

Because of these features, it appears that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is not something that should be underestimated. Based on its product description:

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. The original Tag Team Fighter that started it all is back. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 delivers new and returning characters in the largest roster ever. Experience the most advanced attack mechanics. Ultimate combo move sets and new battle modes with innovative features to broaden Tekken consumer accessibility. Unlimited fighter combinations and multiple ways to challenge your friends—get ready for the next battle!

More About Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament was developed by Namco Bandai. It is a fighting game that focuses on tag-based battles. In addition, the game is considered as the much-awaited sequel to the original version. The first Tekken Tag Tournament title was released for PlayStation 2 in North America on 12 years ago. It was followed by a remastered version, which was released for PlayStation last November 2011.

On the other hand, the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was released for the PS 3 and Xbox 360 in North America last month.

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