Yikes Round Ball Fans! Get Ready for Some Bikini Basketball

With the success of the Lingerie Football League, it’s kind of surprising that no other sport has come along to capitalize on the concept. Women showing lots of skin playing a sport. It’s simple and just enough to easily entertain any red-blooded man. But, there may finally be some competition come the spring of 2013.

It’s the Bikini Basketball Association or the Bikini Basket League depending site you read  online, a concept since 2011. According to their official site, here’s what it’s all about:

The league is for Sexy Athletic Ladies from around the world. We have several teams already Atlanta Fleet Angels, Miami Spice, New York Knockouts, Hollywood Hotties, Orlando Lady Cats, L.A. Ice, and Chicago Desire.

Besides the seven franchises that are already in existence, the league is also looking to set up teams in Vegas, Dallas, Tampa, San Diego, Minnesota, and Washington D.C. and already has interest from hopeful players to former NBA players looking for ownership possibilities. And even observant folks, or people with no lives, have realized that the Miami Spice have ripped off the Seattle Sonics logo. Besides all that, will the game actually be good? Or will it just be a bunch of bikini-clad women making fools of themselves?

According to Donovan Price, a music producer/entrepreneur who is the owner/general manager of the Chicago Desire, there will actually be some good basketball games going on. Price, together with President A.J. MacArthur, is insistent that there will actually be athletes on the court when the league hopefully tips off in May of 2013. MacArthur has stated that:

Many of the players have basketball backgrounds, so it’s not all about how they look. There will actually be some good basketball out there.

Besides the possibility of a decent basketball game, which features women in bikinis shooting hoops, fans may also expect to see other forms of entertainment, like making balloon animals and performing on a trampoline, according to Donovan Price.

As for the game itself, it will follow the same standard basketball rules and will have 21 players on a team, but only 14 on the active roster. So far, there have been apparently some 200 applicants in Miami alone, so maybe there will be some talent on the courts. I guess we won’t really know until the league officially opens for business next month.

Until then, enjoy these promo shoots from the league.

Image Source: Twitter

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