iPad Mini Specs Leaked in Images from Ukraine

A collection of images claimed to be from a purported iPad Mini shows components of the much-awaited 7-inch tablet. This includes the front and back panel, a space for the nano-SIM tray, and an LCD display.

What make this news noteworthy are the components that the purported images show. Prior to this, only images of the mockup rumored iPad Mini surfaced on the Internet, showing what the final design of the device would be.

Expected iPad Mini Components

The pictures, which were posted by Ukrainian iPhone last Monday, suggest that the iPad Mini will retain its headphone jack at the top of the tablet. This means that it won’t take the same move as the iPhone 5. Additionally, a space for a small Lightning connector can be found at the bottom of the device.

On the other hand, the rear panel includes a nano-SIM tray. This indicates that the device will have cellular data network connectivity. The front panel has a thin side bezel and a space for a Home button. There is also a space for the front-facing FaceTime camera. Moreover, the front panel is white, which suggests that the iPad Mini will come in black and white varieties.

Lastly, the purported tablet’s rear panel is black, and it has the signature Apple logo and “iPad” label. However, the names “Mini” or “Air” were not mentioned. At the top left corner of the rear panel is a space for the rear-facing iSight camera.

The iPad Mini Event

Yesterday, AMOG reported that Apple is set to host an iPad Mini event later this month, as the invitation to the press people will be delivered on October 10.

As reported by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Apple 2.0 last Monday, it’s possible that the company will introduce its so-called iPad Mini on October 17. That’s because the iPhone-maker usually give a week’s notice to media people whenever there will be a company event. In addition, there’s a great chance that the iPad Mini could go on sale on October 26, considering that Apple will follow the same launch timeline as the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

The rumors started when an unnamed “major Apple investor” talked to Elmer-DeWitt and cited “multiple sources,” saying that Apple will send out the invitations on October 10.

According to our source, who asked not be named, there appears to be some truth to the widespread rumors that Apple is preparing to launch a smaller and cheaper version of the iPad—often called the iPad Mini or iPad Air and usually described as having a 7.85-inch screen.

What our source adds is the specificity of the date: The press, he says, can expect invitations to go out on Oct. 10.

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