Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Landing on PS Vita

Source: Virtue’s Last Reward Box Art | Aksys Games Website

Aksys Game’s Director of Production Frank DeWindt posted the good news on PlayStation Blog, saying that their Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward will be coming to PlayStation Vita. Aside from that, the game’s demo is also available at the PlayStation Network.

More About Virtue’s Last Reward

Virtue’s Last Reward is a visual novel-type of game that includes puzzle elements. The puzzle is what traps the college student Sigma. Sigma, together with a mysterious young woman Phi and seven other strangers, will be playing in a game of life and death.

The characters are forced to participate in a game known as the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. Nine people are trapped in a series of rooms, and they need to solve a deadly puzzle in order to leave one room and move on to the next. This will place their lives on the line, while trying to escape and discover the truth why they are on the game in the first place.

Since the Virtue’s Last Reward is visual novel-based, the game delves heavily into the story, characterization, and reading. However, the escape rooms were able to balance it with the addition of point-and-click puzzle. These puzzles are something that Sigma and the rest must be able to solve to move on with the game.

For those unfamiliar about the Zero Escape Series, Virtue’s Last Reward is the sequel to the Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Released on November 2010, the previous game received accolades from IGN and amazing reviews from Nintendo Power and Destructiod.

Inside the Game Demo

For those who are only concerned with what’s in the game’s demo, it consists of a brief shows the title’s Novel section. This section will introduce Sigma and the other characters, which players can either love or hate.

It also features the Escape section, wherein gamers can play through one of the escape rooms. This will give them a feel for an interactive point-and-click puzzle gameplay that Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward has to offer.

Sure, the new Zero Escape title has a plot that is similar to Saw movies, but it doesn’t have a graphic torture scene that leads to an unsubstantial death. It is all about engrossing narrative with dark and unique story, as well as building deep characters. The game will reportedly become available on its original console, the Nintendo DS. It is expected that Virtue’s Las Reward will hit the stores sometime this fall.

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