T-Mobile: Stocking Nano-SIM Cards for iPhone 5

Source: T-Mobile Nano-SIM Card for iPhone 5 | TmoNews

A few weeks after Apple’s iPhone 5 became available through AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, it was reported that T-Mobile is shipping nano-SIM cards compatible for the latest iPhone model. It is believed that this component can bring the hot-selling mobile phone to the carrier’s network.

Meet T-Mobile’s Nano-SIM Card for iPhone 5

As reported on T-Mobile blog, TmoNews, the iPhone 5-compatible, nano-SIM cards started appearing on the carrier’s store last Saturday. In fact, the blog site posted images and video of the nano-SIM card for iPhone 5. There were also no words as to how widespread the nano-SIM rollout is.

This allows unlocked Apple mobile phone on the telco’s HSPA+ network. It’s also surprising that the nano-SIM cards made an appearance last weekend, as it is expected that the first batch of chips will arrive later this month.

Compared to the micro-SIM card used for the iPhone 4S, supply for the nano-SIM card is somewhat strained. That’s because the latest mobile phone from Apple is the first handset to use the newly minted standard.

Last June, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute chose Apple’s nano-SIM design to become the official fourth form factor (4FF) SIM card. The design was able to outrank the rival proposal from Research In Motion and Motorola as the successor of the micro-SIM.

The nano-SIM is 40 percent smaller than its predecessor, and it was actually designed to maximize the limited space inside iPhone 5’s cramped uni-body chassis.

Price and Availability

Shortly after the iPhone 5 was released last month, Apple announced the U.S. pricing for its out-of-contract handset. The 16 GB costs $649, while the 32 GB is tagged at $749. An addition of $100 can get users a 64 GB model of the iPhone 5. As for the AT&T and Verizon versions, the device comes with a comparable price.

Apple is not selling an iteration of its iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, although it supports the network carrier’s 4G HSPA+ and LTE bandwidths. In relation to this, the telco’s LTE markets are being built out across United States. Simply put, any unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple stores, AT&T and Verizon will be recognized and can operate on the T-Mobile network.

Moreover, the company is yet to put its unlocked models on sale, which is not surprising because of the high demands for carrier units. Suppliers are also likely to focus on producing enough quantity to meet the remaining pre-order demand.

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