Dwindling Mac Mini Supply Indicates Ivy Bridge Update

Apple's Mac Mini

Source: Apple’s Mac Mini | Official Website

Although a hardware update is yet to be announced, it appears that Apple’s Mac Mini will have Ivy Bridge iteration soon. That’s because various resellers are showing dwindling supplies of the said device.

Drying Up Mac Mini Supplies

A number of sellers are currently posting that they’ve run out of stock for the Mac Mini. In fact, stock outs of the 2.3 GHz model were seen at Amazon, MacConnection, and J&R. The 2.5 GHz unit is also unavailable in Amazon, MacMall, MacConnection and J&R.

Supply for the Mac Mini server that features 2 GHz Core i7 processor is also running dry. Amazon posted on Monday that it only has a limited stock on hand, while MacMall and MacConnection are sold out at the moment. Moreover, Deutsch Apple website Macerkopf pointed out yesterday that stock of Mac Mini are also starting to dwindle.

An updated Mac Mini is one of the eight new products that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo listed and speculated that will become available this fall. He noted last August that a new iPhone, smaller iPad, new iPod, and updated Mac will hit the stores on the fourth quarter of this year.

Kuo speculated that Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 last September, and that the company will take the wraps off its so-called iPad Mini this month. Also included in the list are the rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the redesigned 21.5 and 27-inch iMacs. However, he said that the iMac will only have new design and improved display quality.

Apple has demanded full-lamination between the panel and cover glass. Lamination for the relatively large 27-inch panel comes with a lower yield, so we expect the 27-inch iMac to trail 21.5-inch iMac by 6-8 weeks in hitting the marketplace.

Updated Mac Mini in the Horizon

Apple usually limits its supplies prior to a new product launch. In relation to this, limited to zero stocks at third-party resellers are often one of the first signs that hardware iteration is in the horizon.

However, fluctuations in supply don’t always mean that a product refresh is coming. The iMac, for instance, has seen restrained availability from time to time since July. Despite that, the all-in-one desktop has not yet been updated.

The Mac Mini had its last update in July 2011, wherein the device got an added support for high-speed Thunderbolt port. Because of this, the built-in optical disk drive that was featured on previous model was removed. Currently, the Mac Mini lineup starts at $599 and sports Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor.

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