Get Tied Up in Fashion: A Scarf Primer

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With the colder months coming, now is the the best time to find one of the greatest fashion accessories for this time of year—a scarf.

Despite how you may feel on scarves, you should realize that not only do they spice up your otherwise dull winter wardrobe, they also keep you warm. The ladies seem to enjoy them, too. But, how exactly do you wear or tie a scarf? Well, you’re in luck, because there are more ways than just throwing it around your neck.

But, before we get too much further there are a couple of things to consider when you’re picking out a scarf, or scarves.

One, make sure that the scarf matches the rest of your outfit at least somewhat, this should be common sense. Also, purchase colorful scarves to add some much-needed color during this drab time of year. However, if color isn’t exactly your thing, or you’re horrible at choosing colors, you can always wear a quality grey cashmere scarf. Typically, it goes with everything and is always stylish. Finally, a long scarf is good. If it’s too short you won’t be able to tie or wrap it.

Now that you have your scarf, it’s time to learn how to tie it, and, what to wear it with.

The Classic Flip

Begin by wrapping the scarf around your neck, and then flip one end over and around your neck while the other one stays hanging. That’s it. It’s simple and pretty much goes with everything.

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The Parisian Knot

The Parisian, or European, knot is the most popular knot out there. To pull it off, simply fold the scarf lengthwise, then drape it around your neck and insert the loose end through the loop. It looks best with a short leather jacket with a notch collar left down. However, it can be tucked into a jacket on the colder days when you need the zipper up.

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The Once-Around Knot

This is a perfect knot when it’s not that cold, or when you have a short commute or are going out for the night. To accomplish the once-around, just drape the scarf around your neck, keeping one end longer than the other. Take the long end around your neck and let it hang, forming a loop. This can then be left loose. This knot works nicely with a blazer.

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The Twice-Around Knot

The twice-around knot is the Parisian for those extremely cold days. To tie this knot, begin with both ends hanging in front of you, but make sure one is significantly longer than the other. Take the longer end and wrap it around your neck twice. Do this without making the knot too tight. Since this knot takes up a lot of space, it should be worn with jackets that have less of a collar, such as crew necks and Mandarin-style collars on a short leather jacket.

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Loose Once-Around or Loose Double Flip

Simply wrap the scarf around your neck one or two times. It goes perfect with a duffle coat or any hooded snorkel jacket.

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Of course, you could always keep things extremely simple by just draping the scarf around your neck. Since it won’t add much warmth, and is more for style, it can be worn with pretty much anything you have in your closet.

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Finally, if you want to be trendy, you can sport the modern style. You do this by just making a small knot at the back of your neck and let the scarf hang at your chest. Works best with scarves made from a twill, easily foldable material, and can be worn with essentially any casual outfit .

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But if you’re not much for reading and prefer an instructional video instead, we’ve got you covered.

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