Apple’s New iPod Gets New Ears

New iPod

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After shipping the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano yesterday, it was discovered that Apple’s latest media players come with a special set of headphones. However, the components lack integrated controls and built-in microphone.

The report came from Japanese blog Macotakara, which posted hands-on videos for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The clips show the unboxing of the devices, which served as the first indication that Apple would make special EarPods for its new iPod lineup.

From Earphones to EarPods

Previous models of iPod Touch and iPod Nano ships with Apple Earphones that don’t have microphone and controls. However, the company redesigned the said component recently, which results to the production of EarPods.

The new EarPods features a slightly different packaging compared to those that were found on iPhone 5. It comes with a temporary packaging without a lid, while those found on the latest smartphone are packed in a reusable plastic case with cover and features remote and microphone.

Despite that, the videos show that the EarPods for iPhone 5 works with the latest iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The built-in microphone can even be used for recording voice memos. In addition, the volume controls included on the headphones are compatible with both devices.

What’s more, Apple’s official website notes on its “Tech Specs” sections for iPhone 5 that it ships with “Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic” and “storage and travel case.” The iPod Touch and iPod Nano, on the other hand, ship with “Apple EarPods” only. Additionally, the iPod shuffle and iPod classic comes with the company’s legacy Earphones.

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Other iPod Touch and iPod Nano Accessories

Aside from the EarPods, the iPod Touch also comes with the new wrist strap. It is also available in colors that match the device. The media player also features a new Lightning cable for syncing and charging.

However, the wrist strap is not available for the iPod Nano, although it boasts the basic, button-less EarPods and Lightning cable.

EarPods: Pricing and Availability

The EarPods were introduced last September, together with the iPhone 5 and latest iPod products. Apple also pointed out that it has redesigned the headphones for greater comfort and sound quality. As posted on its official online store:

The Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic are designed to rest comfortably inside—and stay inside—a variety of eartypes.

Although it comes with the latest Apple products, the EarPods can be bought separately on the company’s online store. The redesigned headphone with built-in remote and mic functionality costs $29 each.

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