2013 GT-86: The New Toyota Sport Model

New Toyota Sport

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Toyota GT-86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada confirmed in an interview with TopGear that the said car will be the first in the automaker’s series of three new sports cars. The engineer also added that it will be placed between the two future sports cars, with pricing that will follow the same pattern.

There were rumors suggesting that the 2013 Toyota GT-86 will cost around $20,000. However, the recent instability off yen could make the car more expensive than expected.

No Supra Successor Yet

As for the remaining two sports cars, it was reported that it will not include the long-rumored successor of Supra. When asked about this, Tada pointed out that a new Supra can be offered by Toyota. However, the engineers are currently focusing on developing the two new sports cars.

It is said that the company usually takes about five years to develop a sports car from conceptualization to production. This is means that it is less likely for the car manufacturer to offer another model like the successor of Supra.

On the other hand, many are expecting that the upcoming sports cars will follow the roots of Celica and MR2/MR-S. After all, Toyota hasn’t much left to pick up and develop. However, whether a sports car based on the same model will see the light of day remains to be seen.

Toyota GT-86 on the Race Track

Prior to this, it was reported last August that Toyota brought its GT-86 on the race track. Although it was not disclosed how extensive the company’s plans are for the car, it turns out that what it made is more than just a sports coupe.

The automaker’s latest iteration for the GT-86 is called the CS-V3 Racer. Obviously, it is a race car that is designed to compete against the V3 class of the VLN series.

GT-86 CS-V3 features a racing exhaust, track-focused suspension, high-performance brakes, and stronger chassis with optimized weight distribution. It also sports the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which can produce up to 200 hp.

Because of its features, the car was described as “an entry-level race car for easy maintenance, low running costs, and great fun.” In fact, this is something that TMG President Yoshiaki Kinoshita details as a car that is suited for production-based Motorsports.

We want to share the passion of motorsport with as many people as possible and this car is the result.

It already looks fantastic and has superb handling, so with further performance and safety upgrades we have created a really exciting and competitive car which is extremely cost effective.

The Toyota GT-86 CS-V3 gets a price tag of around $47,850.

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