Her Seventh Scent: Christina Aguilera’s “Red Sin” a Hit

Remember when we asked you whether Christina Aguilera was fat?

Those days are long behind us when we saw this racy video of her new perfume ad: Red Sin. Check out the video below to find out what we’re talking about:


She’s just sultry and sexy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Apparently, the goddess is one of the most prolific celebrity perfume endorser for the past years, proven by last year’s launch of her sixth perfume titled “Secret Potion,” which means this “Red Sin” one is her seventh.

No wonder she’s rolling around in her bed sheets. We’d be rolling around without our PJs, as well, if we’ve sold that many fragrances.

If you’re interested in buying the fragrance for your woman, it has scents of red apple, cinnamon, red ginger, musk, cyclamen flowers, and sandalwood. Or to make it easier to understand: Something you’d hope women would pair up with only lingerie. It suggestively comes in a red, lace-covered bottle and will be available in eau de parfum, shower gel, and body lotion.

Image Soure: YouTube

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