Leaked iMac Parts Suggest New and Thinner Model

Source: Apple’s iMac | Official Website

Chinese website WeiPhone posted images of internal components for the rumored new and thinner iMac. The photo shows the all-in-one desktop’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas, fans, logic board, and a hard drive. In relation to this, there were claims that a redesigned iMac will become available in the near future.

Kyle Wiens of iFixit also told MacRumors that components could be from an upcoming iMac. That’s because it shows a number of similarities from the current models. An example of it is the silver disc located behind the main layer of the components. It has been present in Apple’s iMac models for several years, and it houses the Wi-Fi antenna right behind the Apple logo at the rear of the device.

New iMac: What to Expect

It was reported that the new iMac will be thinner than its predecessors, while a new shell is designed like a water droplet rather than squared off. The news also reaffirms earlier claims that the upcoming all-in-on desktop will be attached to the protective glass cover, making it thinner than usual.

Although the device is expected to be redesigned, there were reports that it will not receive a high-resolution Retina Display. That’s because display with high-resolution quality are not yet available for 21.5- and 27-inch screens. On the other hand, there were rumors that Apple is set to release a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, which will join its 15-inch cousin in the market.

Speculated Release

For quite some time now, it was discovered that supplies for the iMacs have been constrained at third-party resellers—a big indication that a new model is coming soon. Limited stocks through resellers are usually the first sign that Apple is drawing down its inventory prior to a product refresh.

Moreover, there were speculations that a new iMac will be unveiled this month, as the company is expected to kick off an event on October 23. There are also possibilities that the 21.5-inch model will become available first, followed by the larger unit soon after. According KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, the new screen lamination process will be difficult to create for the 27-inch unit.

The event could also be an opportunity for the company to show off a redesigned iMac, as well as a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Aside from the desktop and the notebook, there were claims that a 7.85-inch iPad will also be introduced on that day.

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