Straight Right Will Port AAA Square Enix Game on Wii U

Source: Mass Effect 3 Box Art | Wikipedia

Straight Right, the developer behind Mass Effect 3 on Wii U, appears to be working on another project for the upcoming console.

As posted on the LinkedIn Page of the game developer’s Technical Project Manager Chris Slater, they will be “porting triple-A Square Enix game to the yet-to-be-released Wii U platform.” In relation to this, Straight Right’s CEO Tom Crago recently made a teaser of a “big game in a well-known franchise that will be released in 2013.”

We’ve made a few bets on Wii U actually so we’re certainly hoping it does well. In addition to ME3 we have an original Wii U title in development, and we’ve started on another big game in a well-known franchise that will be released in 2013. But you can never put all your eggs in one basket … This industry is pretty volatile, you always have to be thinking about what’s coming next.

Because there is a possibility that Crago is talking about the Square Enix project, there were also speculations that they could be working on a Tomb Raider title. However, Crystal Dynamic’s Global Brand Director Karl Stewart shut down the idea a couple of months ago. He even added they would develop a game for a particular console differently and with built-in unique functionality.

So, if it’s not Tomb Raider, then it could be a port of an older title. This only means that there are quite a few possibilities.

Mass Effect 3 on Wii U

As for its Mass Effect 3 on Wii U project, Crago revealed that they have one main goal about the title. They aim to take what was “exceptionally good on PS3 and Xbox 360” and bring it on a system that suits it better.

Taking a step back, we’re taking a game that was exceptionally good on PS3 and Xbox 360 and bringing it to a platform that really should suit it even better. Our primary goal is to use the GamePad to enhance the experience, to make it faster, more intuitive, and more fun.

I’d like to think that people who had played ME3 when it was released could pick it up on Wii U and say they enjoyed even more. And of course, we know that for a lot of people playing the game on Wii U will be their first contact with the Mass Effect universe. We want to create an experience that stands out from them, too.

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