Available on Halo 4: Early Access to 6 Specializations

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During the announcement of Halo 4 Limited Edition, 343 Industries and Microsoft said that there are six unlocked Specializations included in the pack that users can access once they have reached level 50. However, a promotional email that was sent out last Monday indicates that this bonus is not only limited for the Xbox 360 version.

Access to Specializations and Other Conditions

Microsoft rolled out a promotional email, saying that Halo 4 Standard Edition also features six unlocked Specializations.

Play Halo 4 Standard Edition while connected to Xbox LIVE by November 20, 2012 and you’ll get early access to six Specializations.** That’s 60 additional levels and new content in Halo Infinity Multiplayer.

Based on the fine print, gamers must play Halo 4 by 11:59 p.m. PST on November. After that, they will receive an email on their account associated with Xbox LIVE with a download code on November 30.

Those who won’t have the unlock code will only have Wetworks and Pioneer Specializations to choose from upon reaching level 50. Game developer 343 Industries will gradually release the remaining four, depending on how far the community can push the rankings.

Halo 4 Standard Edition: What Gives?

Although having an early access to the game’s six Specializations is good news, as well as a great incentive to get the game at launch, it could undermine the Limited Edition’s value.

The bundle is worth $100, and it is loaded with exclusive digital goods only and early access to six Specializations. As a result, many are starting to wonder whether the Halo 4 Limited Edition is still worth the money.

Halo 4’s 8 GB Requirement

In another Halo 4 news, it was reported that Microsoft announced that a second DVD will ship with the game. It is an installer that would enable gamers to have the title’s multiplayer feature. However, this game and features required 8 GB of space.

In turn, owners of Xbox 360 4 GB edition cannot have the Halo 4 and its additional features on their console. Good thing, the company came up with a great solution for this.

Players can install a USB flash drive of up to 16 GB, which can be used to add the game’s components. Users can also choose to upgrade their hard drive, but that could mean headache to those who have a lot of file to transfer. It would even require them to buy a hard drive transfer cable.

It is expected that Halo 4 will become available on November 6, with Japan seeing it on stores two days later.

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