Release of “Infinity Blade: Dungeons” for iOS Delayed Until 2013

Infinity Blade: Dungeons

Image Source: Infinity Blade: Dungeons | Official YouTube Video

After it was shown during the launching of the new iPad last March, it appears that Epic Game’s Infinity Blade: Dungeons will not be available until 2013. As stated by the game developer’s spokesperson, Wes Phillips:

Ever since the talented team at Impossible Studios got their hands on ‘Infinity Blade: Dungeons’, they’ve been adding their great ideas to the game. There was also the matter of getting Impossible Studios team up and running with desks, chairs, staplers, and computers. The logistics of a new studio and implementing all these great ideas required a little extra time, so ‘Infinity Blade: Dungeons’ will hit iOS in 2013.

Prior to this, many speculated that the game will become available once the iPhone 5 hits the stores. However, it didn’t materialize. That’s why many speculated that many will see the iOS title alongside the so-called iPad Mini.

Showcasing HDR Graphics

Infinity Blade: Dungeons was showcased last March together with Apple’s new iPad with Retina Display. The game was used in order to highlight the graphical power of the latest iPad, which offers HDR graphics and tone mapping. Basically, it shows how the tablets graphical features can be compared with game consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Infinity Blade Franchise has become an important part for the company’s presence in mobile gaming space. In fact, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch were able to find significant success in the market, which has been long dominated by Nintendo.

On the other hand, Epic revealed in June that the iOS-exclusive title has become more profitable compared to its “Gears of War” for Microsoft Xbox 360. That’s because the title brings in high revenue and relatively low-development costs.

Thus, CEO Tim Sweeney believes that the greatest growth in the gaming industry can be found in free-to-play games. That’s because it enables the players to download a game for free, but additional content and features can be unlocked for those who are willing to shell out some cash. In fact, Sweeney believes that the DirectX technology found on PCs will become “widely available” on mobile devices in the years to come.

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is an iOS-exclusive title that runs on both iPad and iPhone. Although the delay is a disappointing news for fans and gamers, people hope that it will be worth the wait, especially with the state-of-the-art visuals and gameplay that is typical for the title.

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