Rumored iPad Mini to Give Apple Tech Advantage Over Competitors

Apple new iPad

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It is believed that the technology behind the much-awaited iPad Mini will give Apple a three- to five-year advantage over competitors. The device is also expected to protect the company against the growing market of midsized device. They were called as such because its real estate form was position between the iPhone and 9.75-inch iPad.

iPad Mini: Shifting the Market and Industry Trends

Last Friday, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities sent out a note to investors that the iPad Mini will be responsible for a major shift in the market and industry trends. This major market shift will include new demand for small-form tablets, as well as control of key technologies like the device’s GT DITO touchscreen.

At the moment, there is an emerging demand for devices that feature screen sizes ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches. This is a gap that is not yet filled by any Apple product. However, Kuo explained that company unintentionally created the vacuum. He even added that because of the success of the iPhone and iPad, competitors have decided to differentiate themselves by developing gadgets that are sized between the two devices.

This new market is favorable to OEMs, powered by cellular network proliferation, app development, and attractive price due to inexpensive components. In relation to this, the analyst believes that Apple has either much to gain by joining the market or much to lose if the company decided not to.

Moving the Mobile Market: From Smartphones to Tablets

Originally, smartphones were designed for voice calls and text messaging, until access to mobile data networks and applications emerged. This has prompted device manufacturers to increase the size of the handset’s display. Mobile phones have become unwieldy at a certain point that users started to carry smaller tablets for browsing and other applications.

On the other hand, small-form tablets are reasonably low-cost items. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, for example, has enjoyed sales growth because of its at cost price. In relation to this, Kuo stated that Apple is concerned about competing content ecosystems from Amazon and Android, which are expanding together with device sales.

As for the iPad Mini’s pricing, it is believed that Apple should offer lower-tier products, since the global economy continuously slumps, and high-income markets like the United States and Europe are slowly giving more attention to Asia.

The iPad Mini’s Key Technology Assets

Aside from competing in the midsize tablet market, it is expected that Apple’s so-called iPad Mini will provide a considerable leg up over competitors when it comes to controlling key technological assets. That’s because it is believed that the 7-inch tablet will be the first device that will feature a “GF2” touchscreen tech. This would allow the iPad Mini to be 18 percent thinner than new iPad. In addition, Kuo speculated that the smaller tablet will cost around $300.

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