New PlayStation Store Not Coming to the U.S.

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Following the troubled launch in Europe and United Kingdom, it was reported that Sony postponed the debut of its new PlayStation Store in the United States and associated territories.

According to Sony Network Entertainment Vice President Eric Lempel, they are postponing the release of the new PlayStation Store in the U.S. indefinitely. That is to allow their developers to “complete the final phases before launch.” As stated by Lempel regarding the PlayStation Store’s postponed U.S. release:

As you may know, we launched the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 earlier this week in Australia, New Zealand, and several countries in Europe. Although the new PS Store is operating smoothly in most countries, there have been some issues that caused inconvenience for the users.

While we’ve already solved many of these issues, we’ve decided to postpone the October 23rd launch of the new store in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. We want to be certain that you have an exceptional experience with the new store, so we appreciate your patience as we complete the final phases before launch.

Teething Problems in UK PlayStation Store

Prior to this, Sony released their new PlayStation Store in Europe and UK, although widespread issues prompted its immediate withdrawal. Those who were already using the new store were diverted to the old one. The same with the U.S., the company is yet to give a date on the U.K. PlayStation Store’s re-launch.

Introduced last October 17, a few glitches were seen on the store despite its new and much-improved interface. It takes users a long time to launch the store, while many were unable to add funds to their wallets. In addition, PS Plus subscribers discovered that their subscription were unrecognized on the new store.

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe has temporarily withdrawn the PS Store as they tackle the discovered issues. After this, a number of users reported that they were diverted back to the old PlayStation Store interface, and the new update is nowhere to be found. In relation to this, those logging in for the first since October 17 will not see any prompt for the new store update. In a statement issued by the company:

The store is already available in ANZ and the Nordics, with more switching to the new store all the time. We look forward to introducing the new look store to the U.K. market shortly.

For anyone having trouble adding funds on your wallet on the new store—apologies, this issue will be fixed in the next couple of hours.

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