Apple’s iBookstore Lands in 18 New Countries Next Week


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An iBooks publishing label discovered that Apple will probably roll out its iBookstore in 18 countries as early as today. This speculation goes in line with the special event that is set to take place in San Jose, California. Aside from the iBookstore, people are also expecting the launch of the so-called iPad Mini.

Apple’s iBookstore in 18 Countries

Tablo, an iBooks label based in Australia, noticed on its iTunes Connect account last Tuesday that 18 new countries have a “pending” sales status. The iTunes Connect is the back-end system used by publishers to sell their books, while the listing suggests that an iBookstore launch will be imminent in those areas. As stated by Tablo’s Ashley Davis yesterday:

The books aren’t immediately available in new areas. iTunes Connect is showing their status as pending for contract reasons, although I’m quite certain they’ll trigger to available during tomorrow’s keynote. This is quite a big jump for iBooks.

The newly supported countries are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colomobia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela.

Davis also added that the list of new countries would bring the number of areas to support iBookstore sales up to 50.

The iPad Mini, iBooks and its Classroom Capabilities

It is expected that Apple will unveil its so-called iPad Mini today, with the iBooks as the focus of the event. A couple of weeks ago, there were several reports, saying that the product announcement will focus on the small form tablet’s capabilities.

There were claims that the company will showcase the device’s media support regarding the iBooks, suggesting that it has plans of promoting the 7-inch tablet as a content consumption vehicle. This goes in line with the speculations that Apple will take the same road led by Amazon Kindle Fire.

Aside from that, the company is also expected to boast the iPad Mini’s capabilities in the classroom. The tablet has become a major part in Apple’s education initiative, although its iPad 2 which costs $399 is seen as too expensive for many schools still facing budget cuts.

On the other hand, there were claims that the 7-inch tablet will come in an affordable price, which will lower the device’s entry-level’s barrier for students and consumers alike. This only means that the much-anticipated iPad Mini will not only take the low-end part of the market, but will also penetrate the education sector.

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