Sony PlayStation Releases All-Stars Battle Royale Trailer

All-Stars Battle Royale

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After rolling out three mysterious trailers over the past few days, it appears that Sony has finally launched an interesting commercial for the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

PlayStation All-Starts Battle Royale Trailer

Although interesting and different ad campaigns are not new to Sony, its has decided to release three separate teaser trailers this time: The Reload, The Arrival, and The Aftermath. It was released over several days, which resulted in a rather entertaining commercial for the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The Reload

Sony’s The Reload video teaser is reminiscent of the company’s “Michael” video, which was released as part of its “Long Live Play” campaign. That’s because the trailer features the same woman seen at the start of the Michael video.

The woman was sitting in the dark, loading what looks like a Mac 11, and then the light cuts out ending the clip. On the desk, the words “Sarui” and “Get You” can be seen, although it is yet to be seen what these words are trying to say. However, it was previously speculated that the flick has something to do with the Japan-only Ape Escape spin-off “Saru! Get You! Million Monkeys.”

The Arrival

Last Saturday, Sony released another teaser called The Arrival. The video looks to be a series of live actions shorts that are related to today’s event—the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer.

The same woman from the previous video was featured in the clip, busy typing on the typewriter, when someone arrives. The visitor was driving what looks like a Wrangler Jeep loaded with unknown stuff.

The Aftermath

The last part of the series titled The Aftermath was released yesterday, showing Sly Cooper’s cane and Sweet Tooth’s blade. After this flick was released, a lot started predicting that the previous trailers have something to do with the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. That is because Sugar Cane and Sweet Tooth are both characters of the said game.

Imminent Release

It turns out that all three videos were bits of one whole trailer for the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The video also features Sack Boy of LittleBigPlanet and Kratos of God of War. In the clip, it was stated that the game will become available in North America on November 20.

Prior to this, Sony released a public beta of the game for those with PlayStation Plus account. The upcoming brawler from Sony will allow players to access more characters, arenas, and items.


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