Don’t Blink … Or You’ll Miss These Famous Cartoons’ Racy Jokes


Image Source: Sonic

You likely already know all about the old and tired winks that animators slyly placed into mega-hit movies, such as Jessica Rabbit’s flash in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or the clouds that allegedly spell S-E-X in The Lion King, and the monstrous phallic castle in The Little Mermaid. But what about some of the more recent, possibly naughty messages placed in cartoons that have gone under the radar? Let’s take a look at five over-the-top-references in recent cartoons, complete with clips.

One-eyed Snakes in Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the first great video games of the 16-bit generation. Although the Sonic video games have waned in quality over the past two decades, the Sonic franchise itself has exploded, spawning numerous cartoons and a comic book series that has run for over 250 issues.


One of the more successful cartoon spin-offs, Sonic X, began as an anime series that was later re-dubbed for English audiences. In this clip from Sonic X , we see one of the characters on the show refer to a villain as being “[A]ngry as a one-eyed snake,” a common euphemism for penises. A scriptwriter / translator certainly had fun with this episode.

Adult Hotlines on Rocko’s Modern Life

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This off-beat cartoon featuring an Australian wallaby named Rocko aired for four seasons during the mid-1990’s on Nickelodeon. During these seasons, Rocko held some very unusual jobs, including tenure as a phone sex operator, which can be seen in this clip.


Rocko’s Modern Life is rife with sexually charged messages and in-jokes, including an episode suggesting prostitutes are working at a seedy hotel that rents rooms for 20 minutes at a time, while Rocko’s favorite place to eat is the Chokey Chicken. After the cancellation of Rocko’s Modern Life, many of the staffers went on to create and work on SpongeBob SquarePants.

Oral Sex on Adventure Time?

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

In this episode “Pods” from the second season of Adventure Time, one could easily make a hop in logic and think Jake is performing a sexual act on a pod that looks a bit like female genitalia.


Adventure Time’s viewership is largely adults, so this scene featuring Jake licking ice cream out of a “pod” with reactions that are a bit too, well … adult could be completely intentional.

Mom is into Some Weird Stuff on Regular Show

In the second episode of Regular Show, “Just Set Up the Chairs,” Regular Show proved itself ready to slip in some possibly adult humor.


In this clip, Muscle Man, one of the secondary characters, proclaims his mother is into some “special entertainment” involving a horse led by a clown. Check out the clip above—this is a bit hard for words. Mark Hamill (better known as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars) is the voice of the clown bringing on the special entertainment.

Naughtiness in The Brave Little Toaster

1987’s Brave Little Toaster is a story about a rag-tag bunch of appliances with the ability to move and talk waiting for their master to arrive. The Brave Little Toaster includes a number of innuendo-filled moments, including a quick scene of a bikini-wearing cartoon reporter trying to save the appliances’ lives. At the 1:17:24 mark, the image above is shown in lieu of evidence of carcinogens at Rooney’s Vacuums.


The sequel, 1999’s Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue, also features a questionable piece of innuendo that flew over the heads of young viewers. In one sequence (the clip is above), a computer’s “memory banks (are) being stroked … by an expert.”

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