Apple: Testing iOS 6.0.1 with Keyboard, Camera Flash and Wi-Fi Fixes

Image Credit: iOS 6 on Apple Devices | Official Website

It was reported yesterday that Apple has provided a pre-release build of its iOS 6.0.1 to its US carrier partners. The software update is said to address graphical glitch with the virtual keyboard, as well as the issues that affect the camera’s flash.

There were claims that iOS 6.0.1 should fix the horizontal lines bug on the screen when the keyboard or app folder is open. The purported software update will also repair a problem with the camera’s flash not going off.

Addressing Mobile Issues with iOS 6.0.1

Apple’s upcoming software update is said to address some issues related to its mobile device’s Wi-Fi connectivity. There were also reports that the company plans to add “consolidated cellular data switch” for iTunes Match. This feature would help prevent some users from accidentally using their mobile data plan.

The iOS 6.0.1 will reportedly solve related cellular data bugs, like the one that has something to do with the Passbook feature. There was one glitch that allows Passbook access to pass details from the lock screen. There’s also an issue with Exchange meetings, wherein the application will unexpectedly cancel an event for a whole group of invitees.

After iOS 6 was released last month, related Wi-Fi issues have been widely reported. In fact, users of iPhone 4S and the new iPad said that they have experienced disabled Wi-Fi connectivity. It occurred after users upgraded their’s iDevice’s mobile software to iOS 6.

It also appears that the bug is affecting the device’s Bluetooth capabilities, as some users claimed that their units were unable to pair or even recognize other smartphones or tablets.

Other than that, the software update will allegedly address the keyboard graphical switch on iDevices. This glitch shows screen distortion occasionally when entering an Apple ID password. However, it is only cosmetic and appears to be limited to the iPhone 5.

Users have been tracking this issue since the latest mobile phone became available last month. Some of them also posted a YouTube video which demonstrates the issue. It appears that the problem arises when numbers and symbols keyboard are invoked by pressing the “.?123” button.


Since it was reported that Apple is testing the upcoming software update for their latest mobile device, it is less likely to become available on the new iPad Mini, which is said to hit the stores on November 2. This also means that the iOS 6.1 for all other devices will be rolled out at a later time.

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