Want Ghosts? Get 22 Celebrity Ghost Stories

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share some haunting ghost stories, but we’re tired of the typical urban legends that happened to your friend’s cousin. How about ghost stories that involve celebrities? We bet that has your attention.

So, here are 22 celebrities who have had ghostly encounters:

Ryan Gosling

The actor claims to have seen a ghost in his Canadian home as a child. He told his mother, who didn’t believe him. Eventually, the rest of his family claims to have seen the spirit who didn’t do anything except just sit.

Jaime King

The actress and model claims, that while staying over at her uncle’s home in Nebraska, she saw a fabric-like figure fly past in the yard. After dismissing the image, she woke up from sleep later that night to turn off a fan. However, she was unable to get out of bed. To make the event scarier, she also claims that her boyfriend’s head began moving as if it were being hit. Before the occurrence was over, their covers were also removed off of them.


The singer has stated that he “was absolutely terrified” about the encounters he and his wife Trudie experienced in their home. He went on to say, “I now believe those things are out there, but I have no explanation for them.”

Michelle Williams

The Dawson’s Creek alum as apparently been visited by a couple of dead celebrities. This includes Marilyn Monroe, who Williams portrayed in My Week With Marilyn. She’s also been visited by her ex, Heath Ledger, who moves around furniture and has apologized for not being around to help raise their daughter Matilda.

Regis Philbin

Before becoming known as a daytime talk show host, Philbin worked for a San Diego news station. One of his first assignments was to interview a ghost hunter. Regis was talked by a friend into staying at the haunted location (a hotel named The Whaling Room) where he conducted the interview. During their stay, they claimed to have seen the transparent shape of a woman, thought to be the original founder of the hotel, hovering over them in the living room.

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke

The former couple have stated that they were so freaked out by supernatural happenings in their Sneden’s Landing, N.Y. home that they were unable to stay there.

Joan Rivers

The plastic surgery-loving comedian used to be a skeptic, until a hot August night in New York City. She has recalled waking up in an ice cold apartment and seeing peculiar writings and pornographic pictures drawn on the walls. Obviously, Rivers was frightened and talked to the landlord about the incident. She discovered that the former tenant, Mrs. Spencer, comes back to the building and haunts the residents.

Matthew McConaughey

The actor apparently has a ghost in his mansion, who he calls Madame Blue. During an interview with AskMen, he described his ghost story:

“When I first moved in, I had a tent and I put it up on the floor of the upstairs bedroom with my sleeping bag and my dog. That’s when I first saw Madame Blue. The first night I’m hearing noises, I’m hearing bass sounds, wood moving, and coyotes…

So, I get up out of the tent with my dog Miss Hud, and I’m running around buck naked and I’ve got a bat so I’m gonna go and investigate. I go downstairs and there’s nothing there. I now know it was here because I have seen her since. She has no qualms with me. She’s a cool ghost. Maybe me being nude all the time is why we get along!”

Julianna Margulies

As a child, The Good Wife actress and her sister were playing with an Ouija Board. They both sensed a presence in the room and Margulies has not used the board since.

Charles S. Dutton

Dutton shared his experience about visiting the grave of a famous voodoo priestess named Marie in New Orleans. Along the way, he and his then girlfriend noticed the disturbed grave of a man. The casket was sticking out and the skeleton of the man was showing, which had a cloth tied around his neck.

Out of respect, the actor tried to push the casket back shut. As the couple were leaving, they felt someone behind them. They turned around and saw a scraggly man with the same cloth as the skeleton in the grave. After staring at the couple for a few moments, the figure vanished.

Alyson Hannigan

The How I Met Your Mother actress, and Buffy alum, believes a ghost haunts her and husband Alexis Denisof’s home. She claims that she was followed out of the house by a male spirit, but playfully added that she appreciated that he was gentleman enough to let her exit first.

Tim Robbins

It took only one day for the actor to vacate an apartment because he felt that it was already occupied by ghosts.

Neve Campbell

The “Scream” star actually lives in a haunted house. Campbell discovered that a woman was murdered in her current residence and that even her friends have spotted the woman’s ghost wandering the halls.

Nicholas Cage

Cage revealed that as a child he refused to stay at his uncle’s house, who by the way is Francis Ford Coppola, because he once saw a ghost in the attic of the house.

Demi Lovato

The current X-Factor judge claims that when she was just 8 years old, a ghost once popped out of her closet, which almost scared her to death.

Dan Aykroyd

Maybe being involved with Ghostbusters got to Dan Aykroyd’s head. The SNL alum believes that his home is haunted by the ghost of former owner Cass Elliot of The Mamas and The Papas. He has said:

“A ghost certainly haunts my house. It once even crawled into bed with me. The ghost also turns on the Stairmaster and moves jewelry across the dresser. I’m sure it’s Mama Cass because you get the feeling it’s a big ghost.”

Lady Gaga

Gaga believes that her deceased aunt transferred her spirit into the pop star while she was still in her mother’s womb. She even claims that her spirit guides have informed her that she has two hearts. But, the eccentric Lady Gaga doesn’t stop there. She also believes that spirits are haunting her, including one annoying ghost named Ryan. She has apparently gone as far as hiring a séance and spent $5,000 on a Ghostbuster machine to do a “spirit-seeking sweep.”

Hugh Grant

The British actor claims that a tortured spirit lives in his L.A. home. Reportedly, he has heard wailing and screaming, which has been confirmed by visitors. Grant believes it is the soul of former owner Bette Davis.

Halle Berry

The beautiful actress has stated that while she was preparing for her role in the Dorothy Dandridge movie, the late actress’ ghost began showing up. For example, Berry said that on one particular night, while alone, she heard plastic rustling from a dress that Dandridge once wore.

Keanu Reeves

Reeves claims that as a child in New Jersey he spotted a ghost dressed in a double-breasted suit, which was apparently confirmed by his babysitter.

Kate Hudson

On the DVD extras for The Skeleton Key, Hudson stated:

“I’ve seen ghosts plenty of times,” and added that she’s “seen a ghost of a woman with no face, and that was really creepy. Another time, my grandmother came to me and I woke up and felt amazing that she was around me.”

Paul McCartney

The former Beatles swears that the ghost of John Lennon was present in 1995 as the remaining members (McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr) were recording one of Lennon’s songs. Sir Paul said:

“There were a lot of strange goings-on in the studio – noises that shouldn’t have been there and equipment doing all manner of weird things. There was just an overall feeling that John was around.”

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