PS3 System Update Version 4.30 Now Available

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After announcing last weekend that they will be rolling out a PlayStation System update this week, version 4.30 is now live. Aside from the game console, users are required to have a wireless controller, USB cable, storage media or USB Mass Storage device.

Data Download Procedure

On your storage media, create a folder in which to save the update data and label it as “PS3”. Inside it, create another folder and label it as “UPDATE”. After that, download the system update from the listed links and save it in the Update folder.

Make sure to save the data as noted earlier. Otherwise, the PS3 System will not recognize it. The folders’ name should also be in all caps. In addition, remember to save the system update using the “PS3UPDAT.PUP” file name.

Once downloaded and saved, insert the storage media or USB device in the PS3 System. From the Home menu, select Settings > System Update and then press [X]. Select [Update via Storage Media] and then hits the [X] button. After that, the system will automatically search and find the update data that is saved on the storage media.

Once done, you can start the update data by pressing the [X] button, and then follow the instructions on screen. When the system update is already complete, go to Settings > System Settings > [System Information]. You’ll know that the system update is successful when the [System Software] field displays the latest version on the software.

There are some things that you need to remember while updating your PS3 System:

  • Do not turn off the system or unplug the storage media during the update. It will cancel your PS3’s system update, which could damage your console.
  • The system’s power button on the front and the PS button at the controller are inactive during an update.
  • You can delete the system update on your storage media once the entire process is done.

PS3 System Update v4.30—What to Expect

As previously reported, the system update will bring in changes on how the Trophies are displayed on the PlayStation 3. It will now reside under the PlayStation Network on the XMB, while all the Trophies earned in PlayStation Vita will be saved under PlayStation 3.

Other than that, Sony will ditch the “Life with PlayStation” application on the system starting next month.

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