“Xbox Next” is the Next-generation Xbox Console

Image Credit: New Xbox 360 Entertainment System | Official Website

For quite a while now, a bevy of media outlets and gamers speculated that the next-generation Xbox console will be named as Xbox 720. It makes sense as it doubles the 360, but the designation doesn’t appear to have any chance.

The Battle of Next-gen Gaming Consoles

The “Xbox 720” label became popular in the gaming industry when Microsoft decided to name its current gaming console as Xbox 360. Perhaps, the designation is made in order to get pass the Xbox 2 versus PlayStation 3 battle.

Apparently, the Redmond-based software giant was able to beat Sony in terms of console sales, as it was able to ship 68.9 million gaming platforms. However, both of them didn’t get pass Nintendo, as it was able to sell 96.7 Wiis while making a profit out of it.

This time, the three companies will have another battle, and players could end up not seeing a single number in the names of the next-generation console. Nintendo already established that its next gaming platform will be called Wii U, and Sony could designate PlayStation Ultra or PlayStation World for their next console. Microsoft, on the other hand, is still thinking of a name.

Joining the Arena: Microsoft’s “Xbox Next”

In relation to this, an unnamed source close to the situation revealed Microsoft will have a final marketing call during the first quarter of next year. It will be followed by an introduction on the second quarter of next year, probably at E3.

The company is planning to have a large venue near the exhibition grounds like the Nokia Arena, and it will be a celebrity-laden launch. In addition, the software giant will roll out a global marketing campaign for gamers to get tickets for the launch, and it will cover all countries where Xbox will be sold.

It was also speculated that the next gaming console from Microsoft will be labeled as “Xbox 8” to align with the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. On the other hand, it could simply be called as “Xbox” or “Xbox Next.” There were also rumors that it will have an identical name to one of the company’s existing services such as Xbox Live or Xbox Kinect, but it is unsure, though.

The purported Xbox Next is said to feature a new Xbox Development Kit, which comes with 8-core FX processor, Southern Islands Graphics, and Sea Islands—AMD’s second generation 28 nm GPU hardware.

Although nothing is written on stone yet regarding Microsoft’s next console, this is enough proof that 2013 will be an interesting year for various gaming platforms.

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