Skype 6.0 for Microsoft and OS X—Out Now!

Image Credit: Skype Video Call | Official Website

Last Wednesday, Skype released its latest version of the instant messaging services for Microsoft and OS X. Aside from a spruced up user interface, Skype 6.0 now has support for signing in through Facebook and Microsoft accounts.

Features: Skype 6.0 for Microsoft and OS X

Although the latest version is now available for both operating systems, there are differences when it comes to its features.

For instance, Skype for Microsoft allows users to access Hotmail,, and Windows Live Messenger. It also enables them to communicate with other subscribers of the mentioned Microsoft services via the instant messenger.

On the other hand, Mac users can now chat with their family and friends on multiple windows. However, Mountain Lion users will see that the profile picture picker doesn’t work the same as its Microsoft counterpart. Recent images can be seen, although effects cannot be applied on it.

Also available “in the coming weeks,” is the Windows Live Messenger, where users will be able to place audio and video calls on the service. Furthermore, the IM service has been localized for six more languages: Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan, and Slovak.

Despite the differences in features, Skype 6.0 for both Windows and OS X now has simpler and less cluttered user interface. The look of instant messaging and SMS area is also improved, while the online users counter was removed so that more friends can be seen in the program’s contacts window. The new Skype also shows a user’s previous profile pictures when changing it.

Skype App for Windows 8

The latest release of the Skype 6.0 came at the heels of the new Skype app for Windows 8. This application appears as a Live Tile on the OS’ start screen, and it can preview missed and new messages.

Since the app runs constantly on the background, it will notify the user for new calls and messages as they happen. Inside it, the main screen shows a list of recent of interactions and favorite contacts, as well as the entire contact list that scrolls off to the right.

As usual, the application allows users to call landlines and mobile phones using a subscription or Skype credit. However, its Snap support is considered its most useful feature. This enables users to click and drag the application to the right or left sidebar, and then continue to see their video calls while running other apps.

Skype for Windows 8 will be available on October 26, the same day that Microsoft will launch its new operating system.

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