Phil Schiller Defends iPad Mini’s $329 Entry Price

Image Credit: Apple’s iPad Mini | Official Website

Following the release of iPad Mini earlier this week, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller came to the defense of the 7-inch tablet’s $329 entry price. According to him, customers are willing to pay for quality that competing devices do not offer.

An Expensive Price for a Superior Product

At $329, it goes without saying that the iPad Mini is more expensive compared to Amazon’s 16 GB Kindle Fire HD ($199) and 16 GB Google Nexus 7 ($249). However, Schiller pointed out that their 7-inch tablet is a superior product that earns a higher price.

The iPad is far and away the most successful product in its category. The most affordable product we’ve made so far was $399 and people were choosing that over those other devices.

And now you can get a device that’s even more affordable at $329 in this great new form, and I think a lot of customers are going to be very excited about that.

Apple’s iPad Mini vs. Other Small Form Tablet

During the iPad Mini event last Tuesday, the Apple executive specifically called out the Nexus 7 to compare its capability against the latest tablet.

The iPad Mini’s 7.9-inch display has 4:3 aspect ratio, provides 30 percent larger display area than Google’s tablet. Schiller also noted that when controls are taken into account, Apple’s device has 49 percent larger screen area when in portrait mode and 67 percent when in landscape.

In relation to this, The Wall Street Journal agrees with Schiller’s statement. They pointed out that many consumers believe that the iPad Mini will justify its $329 entry price because of its key features, such as build quality, hardware performance, integrated software, and strong application ecosystem.

Inside Apple’s iPad Mini

Apple’s iPad Mini features a thin bezel, as well as a display that has the same resolution as iPad 2. This enables the 7-inch tablet to access 275,000 applications.

Its 7.2 mm shell also houses that A5 chip, FaceTime HD Camera, 5-megapixel iSight camera, LTE Connectivity, faster Wi-Fi, and the new Lightning connector. Additionally, it runs on what is considered as the thinnest battery cell that the company ever used, which could provide up to 10 hours of battery life.

The iPad Mini’s Wi-Fi models will be available on November 2 with 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB capabilities. Each model will cost $329, $429, and $529 respectively. On the other hand, the iPad Mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular Data connectivity will be shipped a few weeks after.

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