No Word on “Need for Speed Most Wanted” Cross-Buy


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With the U.S. release of Need for Speed Most Wanted coming next week, the game’s potential cross-buy has not yet been ruled out. Both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita will have the title’s complete feature, although the PS3 version will have eight multi-player modes, while its Vita counterpart will only have four.

Waiting for Definite News

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After announcing a cross-buy at the recent Gamescom event, fans started wondering if the Need for Speed Most Wanted will be the first third-party game to support it. Electronic Arts has put this option into consideration, but with a couple of days until the release, gamers should have a definite answer for the game publisher by now.

Spencer Pressly of Gaming Union reached out to the game’s official Twitter account for some update. However, the only reply he got is “stay tuned for more details.” As for the title’s additional update prior to its release, Need for Speed pointed out to wait until its release day.

Many believe that a cross-buy could help what is considered to be one of the most anticipated racing games. In addition, this option could also aid on PlayStation Vita’s sales, as it could give players the reason to pick up the console. But with the lack of information about Need for Speed Most Wanted cross-buy, this could have an implication on title’s projected sales.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Delayed in India

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Aside from the lack of news about the game’s cross-buy option, it was also reported that Need for Speed Most Wanted will be delayed in India. As reported by Hindustani Times, it will be available on November 5 instead of November 2 in the country.

Aside from Need for Speed, another EA game—Medal of Honor: War Fighter—will also be delayed in India. Instead of October 26, it will land on shelves three days later.

Furthermore, the delay will only affect the PC and PS3 gamers, which versions are being distributed by Milestone Interactive. On the other hand, the game’s Xbox 360 versions remain on track, as it is distributed by Redington. There were no reports as to the cause of the game’s delayed arrival in India.

As the 19th title in the long-running Need for Speed series, the Most Wanted version will pick up on the Most Wanted IP as opposed to the Hot Pursuit that was previously developed by criterion. The game will become available in North America on October 30.

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