Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Tops the List of “Top LIVE Titles”

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Box Art

Image Credit: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Box Art | Minecraft Wiki

Gaming website Major Nelson posted yesterday the list of Top Xbox 360 LIVE Titles, and guess who made it on the number one spot? Yes, it’s the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Aside from that, the game also made it on the Top Arcade Titles.

The game was able to dethrone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and the Walking Dead on Xbox LIVE Titles and Arcade Titles respectively. The list is based global unique users connected to Xbox Live. As for the case of Arcade games, the ranking was based on the full versions purchased during the week.

More About Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Developed by 4J Studios, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition introduced new features in the game. This includes simpler crafting system, in-game tutorials, and split-screen multiplayer. It also boasts an online multiplayer that allows up to eight players on Xbox LIVE.

The game’s objective remains that same as its PC and Pocket Edition. Gamers are required to build virtual realities that are based on sandbox-like environment. The good thing about this is that users can set their own goals for the game.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition was based on an earlier version of the PC Edition’s Beta 1.6.6. This means that the game lacked some items and features like sprinting, until the first update was released last June.

What makes the Xbox 360 version from its PC counterpart is the fact that it doesn’t use the standard crafting interface. Although it still features the same 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 crafting grids, it doesn’t require players to place the items on its position in the crafting menu.

It also has split-screen functionality, although the user will need a HDTV with Component or HDMI cable. Additionally, it has a tutorial mode, wherein the player is lead through the basics of digging and placing block, drafting, crafting, as well as building the character’s first house.

A new world is started with a map, and users cannot change its difficulty level while in game. However, players can change while choosing the world that they want to play. Moreover, each world in the Xbox 360 Edition is limited to 862 x 862 blocks.

Also on the list are EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo: Reach, and many more. With Call of Duty being on top of the list for a couple of years now, many fans consider Minecraft’s success as a milestone.

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