Arctic Combat Open Beta Begins this December

Image Credit: Arctic Combat Official Trailer Screenshot | Official YouTube Video

Upcoming military FPS shooter, Arctic Combat, adopts free-to-play model, and it will launch an open beta in North America and Europe this December 6.

More About Arctic Combat

Also known as Battle Territory or Battery in South Korea, Arctic Combat is a free-to-play online tactical FPS game, which sports realistic war zone effects and battles based on team strategic gameplay. The game also involves tactical perks, weapons and equipments.

It has something to do with the discovery of buried resources found in the Arctic Ocean. According to United States Geological survey, an estimated 90 billion barrels of oil and 47 million m3 of natural gasses are buried in the area’s permafrost. In turn, a summit of middle ground for distribution of massive resources between NATO and UN broke down.

However, this discovery foresees the beginning of worldwide conflict. As stated on the game’s synopsis:

The conflict between the US and Russia rises more and more as past disputes are once again reminded. Battles have started in the Arctic region and is spreading across the world. World War III has begun.

Webzen’s upcoming title features customizable weapons and skills. It also has trophy loot system, as well as in-game missions that enable players to gain extra experience points during a match. The game also boasts gaming modes such as Deatmatch, Free for All, and Domination. They also announced the “Rankings” feature on their official blog.

‘Rankings’ show who is on top and dominating the battlegrounds. There are different rankings for each of the many categories including highest rank, most kills, highest kill/death ratio, and more. Not only are there individual rankings, but also clan rankings and country rankings.

As of the moment, the game’s rankings are categorized into four: Clan Ranking, Character Ranking, Country Ranking and Hall of Fame. However, no information regarding this feature is available yet.

Prior to this, the company held their second closed beta session from October 10 to October 21. Webzen also held the World Championship Region Finals earlier this week. It was reported that the winner will advance to the World Championship at G-star 2012.


Players can acquire the Arctic Combat’s download client and access the free-to-play option on Webzen’s official website. However, the company is yet to announce the game’s release date and as to when it will become available in the Southeast Asian regions. Despite the lack of details, excited fans can keep their fingers cross and hope that the game will be out soon.

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