1.5 Million iPhones Activated by Sprint in Q3 2012

Image Credit: Sprint Headquarters in Kansa, USA | Wikipedia

Last Thursday, Sprint announced that they were able to activate 1.5 million iPhone during the third quarter of 2012. It is the same number that the US carrier was able to maintain for three straight quarters.

In addition, the company reported that about 40 percent of their activated iPhone were sold to new customers. Although no words on how many iPhone 5 they were able to activate, Sprint said that they were able to surpass 1 million LTE smartphones before the handset was launched.

Contradicting Financial Report

Because of this, Sprint saw its wireless service revenue got an annual growth of 14 percent, as it added almost 900,000 to its platform. On the other hand, the carrier’s average revenue per unit also saw a 5 percent growth yearly. As stated by the US carrier’s CEO Dan Hesse:

The Sprint platform performed well, with strong net subscriber additions, record third quarter postpaid and prepaid churn and robust revenue growth, contributing to Adjusted OIBDA of $1.28 billion even as we continue to invest in Network Vision and position the company for future growth. As a result, we believe we will slightly exceed the top of the range of our recently increased Adjusted OIBDA forecast.

However, the company posted an operating loss and net lost that amount $231 million and $767 million during the quarter.

A Big Week Ahead for Sprint

Throughout the year, Sprint’s iPhone sales have been consistent, as it activated 1.5 million handsets each in the June and March quarter. About 44 percent of it went to new customers during the first quarter of 2012, and 44 percent during the second quarter.

On the other hand, AT&T activated a total of 6.1 million mobile phones, and the iPhone was accounted for 77 percent of it. Additionally, Verizon announced last week that they’ve activated 3.1 million iPhone during the September quarter, and 650,000 units of those being the iPhone 5.

Despite the lost in operation and net revenue, Sprint still has a big week ahead when it comes to Apple devices. That’s because the carrier will now have access to the iPad Mini and iPad 4, which could potentially increase their market share. On the other hand, the carrier could become an additional option for potential subscribers.

Prior to this, iPad models with cellular connectivity were only available with AT&T and Verizon’s network in the US.

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