No More Smudges: Simple Tips to Clean Your Desktop Screen

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Seeing a smudge on your computer monitor is definitely a nuisance. Good thing there are simple and cheap ways on to clean it. And you can  use the technique to maintain your desktop, tablet, HDTV, and cellphone.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius

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Just because you’re cleaning an electronic device doesn’t mean you’ll need a degree in rocket science to clean. All you need are common household items, as well as stuff that you can see in your kitchen cupboard.

What you’ll need when cleaning your computer monitor is a microfiber cloth. It’s the same cloth that you use to clean your reading glasses, although you’ll need a bigger one for your desktop’s display. You can find these on several online stores, and it only cost a few dollars.

Use it dry to gently wipe any dirt that you see on the screen. If you encounter stubborn dirt, just apply a little pressure on it. But unless the dirt looks as if it’s under the LCD, then there’s nothing you can do about it other than replace it.

If wiping with a dry cloth doesn’t work, you’ll need to moist it. How do you do that? Not by using soap, a window cleaner, or anything that contains alcohol, but by making a water-vinegar solution. It’s better than a soap-water solution, as this solution usually leaves a dry liquid wipe marks on the screen afterwards.

Just mix equal amount of distilled water and vinegar, and then put it in a spray bottle. And before you apply the formula, make sure that your device is separated from its power source. Unplug it if it is a computer monitor or TV; shut it down and then unplug it if your device is a laptop, phone, or tablet. You should also remove the battery if possible.

Spray the mixture on the cloth, and then wipe it gently on the screen—the same with what was mentioned earlier. Let your devices dry before reinserting the batteries, plugging it in, and powering it up. You can use a soft cloth that won’t leave any lint behind to dry it off.

If you’re wondering whether this solution could work on LED screens, yes it could. After all, an LED screen is like the LCD, only with a different backlight. You can read more tips on how to clean your computer monitor by logging on to PC World Forum.

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