EA Postpones SimCity Release

Image Credit: SimCity Societies | Official Website

Fans of SimCity may not get their hands on the game as expected because Electronic Arts pushed its release date from February to March. The game dev moved the city-building simulator’s launch to March 5 in North America and March 8 in Europe. SimCity’s official Twitter account also posted the news, although no reason for the delay was given.

SimCity Overview

SimCity has a Citylog that allows players to connect, compare and compete with their friends in the game. What’s cool about this is that the feature will provide recommendations based on a friend’s gameplay experience, giving players something new to do.

The game also simulates a reality-based supply and demand in its Global Market feature. So when there’s a low supply of oil and players across the platform are buying, there will be an oil price hike. Each region in SimCity has particular and finite number of resources, which can be bought and sold locally or on the global market.

Furthermore, the game has a handful of new challenges hosted by Maxis. Gamers can compete to grow the fastest population, create the most jobs, educate the most Sims, build the safest city, and many more!

SimCity also has a multiplayer option, which allows players to team with their friends and build great works in their region. As posted on the game’s official website: “Great works are huge undertakings the require Sim workers, lots of materials, and funding.” It also enables interactions between cities, and gamers can control one or multiple cities in an open region as a mayor.

Another feature that’s available on the game is the City Specialization. Every particular town you build could attract the specific type of Sim, which could eventually have an impact in your region.

Now you can create a metropolis that adapts to the SimCity environment and your gaming style! Choose to build a college town and you’ll attract the smartest Sims in your region, or create an industrial blue-collar city. Educated Sims will develop advanced technologies that benefit your city.

SimCity is being developed by EA Maxis and it is being built on the company’s new Glassbox game engine. This allows the developers to introduce curved roads on the game. It will also be in full 3D, which is a first for the series.


The game is now available for pre-order, and it costs $59.99 for the Limited Edition. Just add $20 if you want to grab a copy of SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition.

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