Retro Studios Unlikey to Franchise Zelda Says Miyamoto

The Legend of Zelda

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A lot of gamers were asking Nintendo whether the Zelda franchise will ever land on Retro Studios’ doorsteps. The inquiry wouldn’t be surprising, as the game is largely based on the Western mythology and culture. Thus, the best way to capture that aesthetic is to give the title over to a non-Japanese developer.

Don’t Hold Your Breath Yet

Despite the sentiments of the many, video game designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto pointed out that fans should not hold their breath for a Rockstar Studios Zelda.

In an interview with Spanish website GameReactor, Miyamoto said handing over a franchise to another developer is unlikely to happen. That’s because there’s a need to certain elements of the title inside Japan.

So far the design and script was created within Nintendo and this must continue. Through Retro is qualified, they would have to very in touch [with us], and, being outside [Japan], communication is more complicated. Retro should focus on developments with less dependence; they’re probably not the most appropriate [for Zelda].

What the Gamers Want

Although the premise that Retro Studios should be in constant communication with Nintendo is reasonable, this is not what the gamers want. They want Retro to have projects where they’ll be given tons of independence, as well as it won’t require them to keep their lines to Japan open all the time.

Players looking for a Zelda designed by a non-Japanese developer want a breath of fresh air from the Nintendo-based design and script. They want Retro to work on the franchise without the influence of the Japanese game publisher.

As mentioned earlier, a Retro Studios Zelda would be a way for the game to return to its Western-inspired roots. This is the kind of direction that Nintendo hasn’t fully embraced since “Majorca’s Mask.”

What Lies Ahead for Nintendo and Legend of Zelda

Since Miyamoto already stated that Retro Studios Zelda is unlikely to happen, continued decline of the game’s fan base could be in the horizon. However, that doesn’t mean that Nintendo should sacrifice the “classic element” of the game that made it popular in order to draw its features from Western mythology.

What the gamers want is for the game to move away from its Japanese sensibilities. That way, both Western and Japanese fans of Legend of Zelda will continue to stick with the franchise. Whether Nintendo will give in with what the people want remains to be seen.

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