More Than Recreation: Sinofsky Defends Windows 8

Windows 8

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Following Windows 8’s release last Thursday, Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky pointed out that PCs running the latest OS represent a great value compared to “recreational tablets.”

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Affordable PCs vs. Recreational Tablets

In an interview made with All Things D, Sinofsky said that the company was able to work with its hardware partners to drive down the prices of its products. Because of that, students can now afford to buy good Windows 8 PCs that could last them through college. He even pointed out that “engineering work” is what brings the prices of their devices down.

With Windows 8, Steven Sinofsky said that Microsoft and its PC-making partners have found a way to deliver modern computing at a price far less than that fruit-named competitor.

Sinofsky even compared their machines to a $329 worth of “recreational tablets.” Although the exec didn’t name it, he is obviously referring to Apple’s iPad Mini that went on pre-order last Friday.


There were speculations that its price could be a hurdle for the Cupertino-based company. However, it was reported that pre-orders for its white and silver models were sold out after being available for less than an hour.

The exec’s statement could be attributed to the negative comments that the Microsoft Surface tablet received from Apple CEO Tim Cook. According to Cook, the latest Windows tablet is “compromised” and “confusing.” In an earnings conference call, the CEO stated:

You can design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do either of those things very well.

Sinofsky countered by saying that while the iPad is made for a short getaway, the Surface is well-suited on longer business trips. However, he failed to explain why the Surface RT’s price jumped from $499 to $599 by just adding an optional touch cover keyboard.

Windows 8: A New Era for Microsoft

The release of Windows 8 is considered as a new era for Microsoft. That’s because the latest operating system is now moved to uncharted waters, trying to fill the gap between desktops and tablets.

However, Sinofsky admitted that the OS can’t be for everyone. The Surface RT, for instance, runs a stripped down version of Windows 8. Additionally, it is not backwards compatible with the older version.

In relation to this, it was reported that Microsoft will launch a more full-featured Surface Pro in a few months. The device will run a complete version of the Windows 8, although its pricing will start at $799.

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