Apple to Sell 102M iPad and 194M iPhone in 2013

Apple's iPhone 4

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Based on a sales forecast stated by Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity, Apple will probably sell another 100 million units of iPad in just a 12-month span. The large sales forecast can be attributed to the addition of iPad Mini to the company’s product lineup.

Based on this prediction, the company will acquire a whooping 58.4 percent of the total tablet market. Walkley’s forecast came after Apple revealed that the total iPad sales reached the 100 million mark earlier this month. That is after two and a half years after the original iPad was released. As reported by AppleInsider:

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said that sales are ‘unprecedented for a new product in a new category’. He noted that Apple sold more iPads in the June quarter than any PC make sold of their entire PC lineup.

Cool also revealed that 94 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are now testing or deploying the iPad.

On the other hand, Amazon will be able to sell 10.7 million tablets in total for 2013, while Samsung could reach an 8 million mark during the same period.

Sales Forecast for Apple’s iPhone

Aside from iPad, Walkley also predicted that Apple will be able to sell 193.9 million units next year. If combined with Samsung’s projected handset sale of 303.6 million, both companies are expected to control over 50 percent of the mobile phone market.

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With the disparity between Apple and Samsung versus their competitors, the next highest projected smartphone maker would be Huawei. The company would be able to sell 47.9 million smartphones by 2013.

In relation to this, Walkley estimates that Apple and Samsung were able to acquire 106 percent of the handset industry’s profits during the third quarter of 2012. He made the sales forecast by considering the operating losses seen at other companies such as Research In Motion, Nokia and Motorola during the September quarter.

Slower Sales, Missing Expectations

Despite the favorable sales predictions, Apple’s fourth quarter profits missed Wall Street’s projection. The company’s revenue during the last three months was $8.2 billion, which is a 27 percent increase from last year’s profit during the same period.

However, iPad sales went on a slow during the September quarter because of the previous rumors that the company will launch an iPad Mini. As stated by Apple’s Finance Director Peter Oppenheimer:

We were happy with the 14 million iPad sales in the quarter. It exceeded out expectations. But as the summer went on, the rumors were pretty rampant about the iPhone and iPad.

In relation to this, Apple’s shares fell 1.5 percent a couple of hours after trading on Wall Street. Analysts also stated that decrease in number shouldn’t be too much of a concern for the company.

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