GAME Confirms GTA 5 Release Date

Image Credit: Grand Theft Auto V Logo | Official Video

It appears that U.K. retailer GAME confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V’s release date will be on spring 2013. In relation to this, gaming news website Computer and Video Games released an image that was allegedly posted on the retailer’s official Twitter account.

The marketing material also pointed out that players should make a “pre-order now to avoid disappointment.” However, GAME already deleted the Twitter post in question, while Rockstar Game didn’t comment about it.

More Pre-order and Release Date Rumors

This is not the first time that pre-order news for GTA V was released. During the weekend, purported European pre-order posters were released on the Internet. The marketing materials also carried a spring 2013 time frame for the game’s release date.

The leaked images came from a Polish gaming forum site, Written in fine print, the pictures stated that the much-awaited sequel will be available between March and May next year. However, a senior research analyst from Baird said that GTA 5 is unlikely to become available by the end of March 2013.

While fans are waiting for an official statement from Rockstar Games, GameStop UK recently listed that GTA V will hit the stores on March 1, 2013. In relation to this, there were claims that the date could only be a placeholder, although a March release has been previously rumored. There were also contradicting reports, saying that the game will be release by the end of the company’s business year, which is March 31, 2013.

Additionally, Rockstar Games released that latest batch of the game’s screenshots last August. The images feature police chase with a lot of cars and a chopper.

It is expected that more relevant news will be posted within the week, as the digital edition of Game Informer’s latest issue will be released on November 8. Apparently, the open-world game will be the cover of GI’s December issue, which will feature 18 pages of GTA V coverage. As posted on the publication’s official website:

We announced our new cover back on October 11, and today we can share with you the release schedule for our December issue featuring Grand Theft Auto V.

In the morning of November 8, we will reveal the cover art and give you a break down of the issue (hint: the story is huge—over 18 pages in print—and full of details and screens we can’t wait to share). Then, in the afternoon (US Central time) we will release the digital edition of the Gamer Informer to iPad, 10-inch Android devices, and PC/Mac.

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